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Optimise your business now!

OPTIMISE⁴ IT can support your organisation to move to the next level of optimisation (efficiency and effectiveness) and offers +15 years of experiences in following domains:

  • Business Process Optimisation and Re-engineering.
  • Optimising your organisation after merger and acquisition.
  • Process Management, Project Management, Portfolio Management, Program Management.
  • Setting up Quick Win- and Continuous Improvement Initiatives.
  • Change Management.
  • Outsourcing, offshoring, near shoring, relocation of business processes.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Developing and implementing of (tailor made) ICT solutions.
  • Developing enhancements within your existing applications.
  • Optimising the system migration of new applications and integration within your current system environment.
  • Optimising the B2B and B2C communication via EDI, paperless environment, web based solutions.
  • Service Support.

“We partnered last year with Optimise⁴ IT to streamline our invoicing process. The result is that we have an increase of 35% faster customer payments and that saved us a lot of unnecessary costs.”

Ken ThompsonCEOChemtrail

“With ever increasing personnel cost we decided to take the step to move our back office to Poland. Optimise⁴ IT analyzed the process and investment costs which are already earned back now in 6 months after operation movement.”

Annik CowalzskiCEOBetterFood Inc

“Optimimise⁴IT helped us move from expensive complex IT systems to a cheaper and more open infrastructure which reduced the software license costs with 28 percent.”

Michelle PirsonExecutive OfficerDotsizeIT

“After the takeover of eVoicingBill it was not clear to us how to optimally merge the different administrations and ICT systems, luckily we talked to Optimse⁴IT who partnered with us to make the integration a financial success.”

Benjamin BennerCEOOnlinePriceDeals

By 2015, 35% of enterprise IT expenditures for most organizations will be managed outside the IT department’s budget